Creating on the Couch Ep.3 + Travel Journal Kit

I don’t know how this post was set to not publish right away, but here it is not (a little behind lol).

Hooray for a new episode of Creating on the Couch! Also included is a quick tour of my new travel journal kit / Creating on the Couch journal kit. I am so in love with this carry-all and can’t wait to take it out somewhere with me.

0 Creating on the Couch Ep.3 + Travel Journal Kit

Creating on the Couch Ep.4

I just uploaded a new episode of Creating on the Couch. I’m really humbled by the response to these videos. So many people have expressed their happiness over finding them and being inspired to create even if they can’t make into their studio or the table to create. Folks are creating on their couches and in their beds – wherever they can. I love this! Hearing from so many of you that you’ve been inspired, or thanking me for making these videos, has been awesome. You are a blessing to me also. Please, keep creating – wherever and however you can. Thanks so much for watching!

0 Creating on the Couch Ep.4

New Project and Haul

I went shopping…again. This here’s a quick show and tell of what I got on my super quick trip to Michaels. It’s also got all the info for my new project that I would love to have you join me in doing…so make sure you watch the video.

0 New Project and Haul

February 12th Supplies Haul

Just a quick run though of the stuff I found at my local craft stores this week. Hope you enjoy :D.

0 February 12th Supplies Haul

Creating on the Couch Ep.2

Finally, Creating on the Couch makes it return! Many of you have been asking for more, and I have been slow to respond – I’m sorry. But here is a new episode, and hopefully I can more up for you super fast. Enjoy!

0 Creating on the Couch Ep.2

My Online Art Course is Live!!!

I am so excited to have my first online course up and running! I have had a good response since it opened three days ago. I have more than 25 students working on learning how to draw and paint a pretty mixed media girl. I hope you will take the time to go check it out. There’s a promo video you can watch for free to find out what the course is all about. I hope to see you there! Here’s a pic of what I’ll be creating in the course.

DSC00835 236x300 My Online Art Course is Live!!! DSC00835 Version 2 300x168 My Online Art Course is Live!!! DSC00838 300x168 My Online Art Course is Live!!!


Art Journal, Smash Page, & Planner Flip

I am sick again…uuuggghhh! This makes three times in three months, and this is the second time this month.  I am so tired of being sick! But, even though I’m feeling under the weather, I wanted to get a video (or two) out for you guys since it’s been a little while since I’ve posted one. In these videos, you will see a couple of journal/smash pages that I create in my planner, as well as a flip through of my planner-in-progress.  Hope you like!

0 Art Journal, Smash Page, & Planner Flip 0 Art Journal, Smash Page, & Planner Flip

Random Chat, New Planner and Meet Molliee

I am so excited about the new planner idea I got after watching a video by Shannon Green on YouTube. Her planner is awesome, and I’m going to make one like it, but with a different purpose in mind. I want to record my goals and dreams and use it to plan out how I’m going to accomplish those goals. I’m going to art journal or smash photos and such on pages as well to help document my year. I’m really looking forward to this new (at least to me) way to look back at my year. I also hope that it will help me determine when my most productive times of the week, month, and year are so I can focus new projects at those times when I’m most likely to finish them quickly. You also get to meet Molliee, our rescue dog, in this video…she’s just the cutest thing ever. New art videos will be coming soon.

0 Random Chat, New Planner and Meet Molliee

New Art Journal Page…finally!!!

So I recorded an art journal page and sat down to edit it…then a couple of hours later realized I was missing a bunch of my clips and couldn’t finish my video for you! So frustrating!!! So I ran into my studio and recorded a new page. Here it is…there’s even a quick clip of the first page I made. Hope you like it!

0 New Art Journal Page...finally!!!

New Mini Studio Space Tour

Lately I haven’t been working in my studio as much as I would like. This is because the advent of winter has made the area my studio was set up in too cold for comfort. I have a space heater and a propane heater that I can use, but they require prior planning to set up and get my space warmed up. That’s fine if I’m planning hours of work at one time, but it’s not so convenient to run into my studio for a few spare moments to throw something at a journal page real quick. So my wonderful, amazing, Superman of a hubby came up with a brilliant idea (he’s prone to moments of brilliance lol). So we re-arranged our extremely large bedroom to make room for a mini studio space for me. Now I have a place to work that is always warm and inviting. I can work for a few minutes, leave a project to dry (or eat a quick meal) and get right back to it when I have more time. It’s fantastic! I am loving my space so much…it’s hard to get me to leave. This video is a quick tour of my space, and I hope it will inspire some of you who don’t have a dedicated art space to try and eek out a small area in your home for one. My total space is 6′ x 7′ which is not very big, but is totally great…wait till you see it, I think you’ll agree.
0 New Mini Studio Space Tour

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